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Our company, QUALICLINIC Ltd., deals with clinical pharmacological treatments under SMO (Site Managment Organisation) measures. Our center is called QualiClinic. We are in close cooperation with family doctors of 2nd and 3rd districts of Budapest and other specialized doctors of different clinics and hospitals in Hungary.

In our center the team has 24 members and our principal and the co-investigators all have ICH-GCP degrees , a lot of experience and a well-known reputation of their expertise along with the assintant staff. The principal investigators participated in more than 60 programs in the last 10 years.

The QualiClinic carries out phase II-III clinical trials with the most modern equipments. Patients` rights and interests are considered main priority. Our consultation rooms and equipments are up to all requirements and regulations , our partners ` and patients ` needs meet with highest standards.

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