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Welcome to QualiClinic!   

QualiClinic is a specialized clinic where on several fields clinical trials are being carried out by a very experienced team consisting of experts. The members of this team have been participating in similar programs on a number of occasions and achieved a reputation on their fields. The leaders of the programs are specialized in, among others, diabetology, urology, rheumatology, neurological and psychiatric problems but also gastric and intestinal diseases. Please contact us for further detailed information if you are interested in receiving answers to your questions or interested in participating in our programs.

Targets of Clinical Trials   

Inevitably medicine research targets to satisfy a continuous need for more effective medicines with less side effects. Once a medicine proved to deliver the needed results, clinical trials start in specialized clinics to provide the necessary statistics for a publicized use. We would like to emphasize that, by the time a new clinical trial starts in our clinic for further reinforcement, its positive effects are guaranteed. Our experience is that in several cases the new medicines bring better results and faster recovery to our patients than the already existing therapies.

Development of Clinical Research   

In the last 40-50 years due to the achievements of clinical research it became possible to cure more and more previously very severe illnesses effectively and also save more lives. The medicine research also promotes longevity. Still we should not disregard the fact that there is a number of illnesses which need further, more effective cures and this is where medicine programs will become very important. Our aims to find new ways of treatments that are not just more effective in curing but also less damaging.

Treatment Procedures   

The patients recieve detailed and exhaustive information about all aspects of the program and the fact that this is not an experiment. We inform all our patients about the benefits of the new medicines compared to the ones in public use and about all the rights they have during the program. We hold all necessary ethical and official permitions for our treatments and we make that known to our patients too. We carry out the programs in a way that the patients`s interest remains a priority. All programs are free of charge and we pay close attention to all patients during the whole program.

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